Some highlights of recent events…

Living Sound Sessions

Living Sound Sessions is a vehicle that transforms community through the exchange of sound by welcoming audiences to be both in attendance and attentive to an atmosphere created for the sharing of food, conversation, laughter, stories and sound - together. Living Sound Sessions is a celebration of community coming together in the name of song and sound.

On Saturday June 28th, I launched Living Sound Sessions at Chokmah Hair Lab in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. The event was amazing and I was surrounded by beautiful souls who brought their full, vibrant selves and voices to share. And it was just the beginning.

If you’re interested in hosting Living Sound Sessions in your home or event space, please email and consider a donation to cultivate sound sharing in your community!

Friends & Lovers BK

Friends & Lovers BK is a pretty new spot in Crown Heights and was my first gig of the new year. I was honored to get the call and make it to the space, even in the FREEZING cold temperatures.

It was awesome rocking with Srikala, who took kind care of me on the ones and twos AND provided dope percussion on the mridangam, just before his set. The spirits were with us on that cold February night, and I was glad to share the bill with Srikala and Adam Ahuja. Hopefully we can do it again soon.

You can check my sounds here and find booking info here!

ArinMaya's Soul 4 Real - MPAACT Summer Jams, Chicago

My last show before heading overseas in 2013, the MPAACT Summer Jams Series was an awesome experience, where I (again) got to call up some local talent and jam out.

I seldom get to rock with background vocalists, so this was a real treat, especially since I've been singing with these ladies since childhood.

And emcee, Phenom got to join me for my last song "I Want to be Beautiful," and ripped the stage! Phenom is one of the forces that brought me back to the stage in 2006 after a LONG hiatus post college. It was a family affair, and I think we all got something beautiful from the experience.

All Photos // Shepsu Aahku

Make it On Myrtle

Make it on Myrtle was a community workshop series held during the summer of 2013. It was a program produced by the Myrtle Avenue BID along with Masai Marketing and the Gowanus Nite Market. We were able to attract a nice neighborhood crowd at the corner of Myrtle and Washington, near the Citibank on some really beautiful HOT days! These photos are from the first of three weekends devoted to similar programming at Make it on Myrtle. Some of the other workshops were "Make your own Paintbrush" and "Learn to Beatbox," and it seemed that everyone had a great time!

Learn more about how to join or book one of ArinMaya's Creative DIY Workshops here.

Wearable Art Workshop @ Brooklyn Museum

The Creative Art Making Workshop at the Brooklyn Museum was a true honor and joy to put on. Inspired by the work of El Anatsui (which I had first seen in Paris' Centre Pompidou in 2008 and has definitely influenced my work) I proposed a workshop where I would facilitate the making of wearable art from bottle caps, similar to my own creations. But I wanted the students to be able to use their own creative facilities and be inspired by El Anatsui on their own.

After taking a brief walk through the amazing exhibit, participants came back to the museum's 1st floor open gallery space to contemplate, sketch, and make their own creations. I gave a brief talk on what materials they would be supplied and methods that could be used, and was present to help as the 2-hour workshop went on wonderfully.

For information on how to book or join similar workshops by ArinMaya, click here.

All photos // N. Corren Conway

A Return to Graceland - MPAACT Solo Jams, Chicago

In February 2013, I had the joy and honor of being part of the MPAACT Solo Jams performance series in my hometown, Chicago. I titled the show, A Return to Graceland because I've been in love with Paul Simon's monumental album, Graceland, since childhood. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

The show shaped up beautifully - I got to share the stage with some of my favorite artists, who I happen to have grown up with, in preschool and church and Alyo Children's Dance Theater.

The show went so well, I was offered a spot at the Summer Jams (check out that album when you can!) and we rocked it even bigger and better! It was a magical night - one I hope to recreate on another stage in Chicago soon.

All photos // Shepsu Aakhu