Photo //  N. Corren Conway

Sound + Music

May the Circle Be

May the Circle Be is a community-driven circlesinging workshop based on the idea that singing together brings us closer together. Participants will engage in collective creativity, harmony, and spontaneity, bringing each person closer to creating an atmosphere conducive to sharing, listening, and growth. 

Joy Bringers

The Joy Bringers workshop is a music-based improvisational playground, created for the specific purpose of bringing joy through music to all. Its premise is simple: When we sing, we get happy…happy people are better people. . .better people make the world a better place. 

Handmade Arts

Pop That Top: How to Make Bottle Cap Jewelry and more!

Using recycled bottle caps gathered from local restaurants and bars (from beer and soda bottles) participants will be guided and facilitated through the process of selecting, flattening, manipulating, and re-purposing bottle caps to create their own unique designs. 

Rip it Up, Stitch it Up: The Reincarnation of the Tee-shirt

Tee-shirts are part of all of our lives. But what happens when a tee-shirt has seen its last days? In Rip it Up, Stitch it Up, students will learn how to manipulate worn tee-shirts and recreate them into jewelry, accessories and other wearable art!

Oh, Knit!

Have you always wanted to learn how to knit but were afraid to start? Do you get hypnotized by the moving needles during your morning commute or as you're flipping past the craft channel? In "Oh, Knit" you'll learn all the basic stitches and get your knit on! Classes and private lessons available.

Dance + Movement

STEP into your purpose!

Crafted for groups of young people up to adults who are looking to empower themselves and their lives, "STEP into your purpose!" arms participants with uplifting language paired with purposeful movement. Everyone will walk away motivated and ready to achieve their unique calling.

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