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New Experimental Release - SWING LOW

Vocals: ArinMaya
Production: Matt Silverstein
Guitar: Ray Ippolito
Flute: Tyler Sussman
Arrangement: ArinMaya + Matt Silverstein


On May 28, 2014, Brooklyn-based, multi-genre vocalist ArinMaya will release her newest project – a re-imagination of the traditional Negro spiritual “Swing Low.” A departure from her previous work, ArinMaya’s “Swing Low” represents the artist's expanding scope, and her journey into experimental soundscaping.

Together with producer Matt Silverstein, ArinMaya has crafted a hauntingly powerful rendition of "Swing Low" by transforming the typically sweet melody into an unexpected infusion of a-tonal sounds and timbres. Along with the self-directed video of the same name, the project becomes/embodies a harrowing audio and visual experience that evokes sentiments related to the complex history associated with the songs’ origins.

The video prominently features an image of the artist singing, with her face dimly illuminated by the light of a single candle. This image is steadily disrupted by static and by still images that catalogue the black experience in America. ArinMaya’s concept for the video was to highlight the history of pain and trauma within the black American experience during the periods of slavery, Reconstruction, the early 20th Century, and the Civil Rights struggle. These dark chapters in American history - all documented in the video - echo the strength and perseverance that have been gleaned from the spiritual over the years.

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