dear art-lover:
I am very happy to welcome you into my digital home. 
here, you will find my musings, soundings and makings.
i hope you will find yourself at home, filled with peace + joy, and that you will be inspired to invite others on this journey we're taking into finding, creating and redefining beauty.

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The a.m. light presents... we jazz nu

In honor of National Poetry Month and Chicago's late Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, Gwendolyn Brooks, it's only appropriate that we jazz nu about it... Enjoy! 

- The Twinkle Project EP on Bandcamp - 

- Living Sound Sessions - 

On Saturday June 28th, I launched Living Sound Sessions at Chokmah Hair Lab in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Living Sound Sessions is a vehicle that transforms community through the exchange of sound.

The event was AMAZING and I was surrounded by beautiful souls who brought their full, vibrant selves and voices to share. ...and it was just the beginning.

As I grow further into creating and cultivating Living Sound Sessions, I am eager to learn, grow and accept all the help and support that will come. If you have attended, or would like to host Living Sound Sessions in your home or event space, please donate by clicking the button below and/or send a note to I can't wait to share sound between us!


> > > Potluck + Community + Sound Sharing = Living Sound Sessions < < <


ArinMaya has teamed up with producer Matt Silverstein on a hauntingly powerful rendition of the Negro spiritual, Swing Low,  accompanied by a self-directed video. Watch it below. [Download press release.]

Swing Low // ArinMaya + Matt Silverstein  
Camerawork // Andre Zachery - Editing // Richard Louissaint + Andre Zachery
©2014 Pulchritudinous Enterprises, Inc.