Twinkle - Live!

Twinkle Live! 
Performed by The Experi3nce at The Kymberle Project - July 2015


Twinkle by the A.M. light (ArinMaya + Blackdaylight)
Illustrated, animated and rendered by Jeanne Mailloux. ©2012 All Rights Reserved.
Directed by ArinMaya. 

Summertime (audience outro) at living sound sessions

On June 28, 2014, ArinMaya launched the first of her Living Sound Sessions. This is an excerpt from the performance portion of the event, featuring the audience singing along with ArinMaya to the song "Summertime."

Swing Low

Swing Low by ArinMaya + Matt Silverstein ©2014 All Rights Reserved.
Camerawork + Pre-Edit by Andre Zachery
Final Edit by Richard Louissaint 

I Find You

I Find You by Her Imaginings (ArinMaya + Theimagination) © 2012 All Rights Reserved. 
Shot, Directed and Perfected by Richard Louissaint

Do U Think

Do U Think by Her Imaginings (ArinMaya & Theimagination) © 2012 All Rights Reserved.
Production by Tara Huynh; Directed by Kia Sleet; Edited by Young Paris 

No One Else (Amel Larrieux)

ArinMaya covers Amel Larrieux's beautiful ballad, No One Else. At Luke's Fusion in Brooklyn, November 2011.

Edelweiss (The Sound of Music)

ArinMaya performing Edelweiss with Seth Louis Johnson at her album release at Billie's Black in Harlem, NY. June 2011. Shot by Maurice Cenac.

(I Want) To Be Beautiful

ArinMaya performing (I Want) To Be Beautiful at the 10th Anniversary of Eric Roberson's "Sol Village" at SOBs in New York City. Sponsored by Singersroom.

We Have Done (NCDC)

6th Annual NCDC Re:unite with Ayinde and Obari Cartman. 
Shot and perfected by Adam Jabari Jefferson. Photo by Nicolette Stanton(December 2010 / Red Kiva / Chicago, IL)

Lemon Drops

ArinMaya + Nick Cassarino performing Lemon Drops live. Shot by Garvin Gray. June 2010.