meeting music - Jason Moran

it is a wonderful thing to be able to meet the people you admire. and this wonderful thing is one of the magical threads that makes new york what it is.

i was talking to a friend last night - another musician - who's also out here just trying to make the dream shine. and we were talking about new york. and how it's not the same as it used to be. clubs and hotels don't book artists the way they used to. it used to be a talent and drive show; now it has more to do with who you know.

but i digress.

earlier this year I had the chance to meet jason moran at the whitney museum of american art. jason did the fats waller dance party at harlem stage a couple years back with meschell n'degeocello (her name really isn't that hard to spell) and i fell in love. the music was magnetic and genuine and full and rich and i danced allll night long. if i remember correctly, it was cold enough for me to be upset i was sweating on the way home. it was an awesome event and when I met jason recently, i told him i can't wait for round 2 or 3 or infinity.


the story continued today when, listening to one of my favorite albums "indigo blue" which features dianne reeves, bobby mcferrin and terence blanchard on the SAME ALBUM, my ears perked up on one particular track that i'd heard before but had never paid attention to who was playing.

lo and behold, it was mr. moran himself, playing his heart into the music and the sound. and his love was all there and i was tickled, because you always find the folk you're looking for, cause that's what this life is all about.

that is all.

Arin Maya Lawrence