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ArinMaya // Sounds

ArinMaya is a vocalist, songwriter and arranger whose voice control and improvisational style carry with them a distinctive healing sound that defies categorization. Her captivating performances engage audiences through collective sound-making and movement and she sings from a place of joy and intentional love as she aspires to blur the lines between introspection and art.

Grammy-nominated jazz singer Gregory Porter describes her as having “a unique voice…an ancient sound,” so it’s no surprise that to some audiences she evokes Nina Simone vibes. In 2010, after catching the attention of Grammy-winning singer and humanitarian Maya Azucena, ArinMaya became Maya’s go-to background vocalist until 2016. In 2011 and 2012 she had the life-changing opportunity to study Circlesinging with Bobby McFerrin and Voicestra; the experience deeply inspired her live performances and overall approach to writing. In 2017, ArinMaya joined the Resistance Revival Chorus, whose mission aligns perfectly with her own, and soon became a featured arranger and vocalist. With them she has taken the stage at Carnegie Hall and Joe's Pub alongside musical greats like Carly Simon and Phillip Glass, among others. She also co-headlines The Experi3nce, a musical supergroup with whom she's played exciting venues including New York's famed Blue Note Jazz Club, the Highline Ballroom, SOHO House and National Sawdust.


Though she's been called "the mayor of Brooklyn," ArinMaya was born and raised on Chicago’s south side where she began her journey of musical appreciation through West African dance and immersion in Chicago’s diverse choral scene.

Her professional musical career started when she abandoned the New York grind to explore a fully artistic life in Paris. Upon return, she began working with Nick Cassarino (Nth Power, Big Daddy Kane) and various neo- and electro-soul producers. Since then ArinMaya has committed herself to creating music with like-minded talent across the genres of soul, jazz, hip-hop, and world music, including her debut EP, The Sound of ArinMaya (2010), a hit cover of Diana Ross’ Love Hangover (2010), and her full length project, Let the Love Come (2011). ArinMaya continues to book venues small and large like Rockwood Music Hall, Harlem Stage, SOB's Sol Village, Core Club, Sofar Sounds and The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.In 2018, ArinMaya will release new solo work, starting with the single Thank You. For more information please visit

Compassion is important...I want people to feel like they are being seen…to learn themselves, love themselves, heal themselves, forgive themselves and then go out in the world and do the same thing for others.

ArinMaya // Creations

ArinMaya, is a Chicago-born, Brooklyn-based artist and artisan who creates works that are smart and sustainable via her handmade line, ArinMayaMade. Self- and mother-taught, she has been learning, creating and innovating for over 20 years. Her handmade designs include original patterned knit and crochet scarves, hats and jewelry, as well as jewelry and accessories made from recycled and up-cycled materials such as bottle caps, tee shirts, wine corks and buttons. Her work has been featured in O Magazine and on MTV's "Made" series.

Says ArinMaya: I've always been drawn to color, fallen away from convention, and been driven to make the impossible work. I'm drawn to the beauty in the unconventional. Even in music, when I write harmonies, they may not be pretty, but they make you feel something you love - something you didn't know you needed, but do.

As an artist instructor, ArinMaya engages and encourages students to identify their own unique voices and to explore the possibilities therein. She has had the unique opportunity to work with people of all ages across the disciplines of dance, step, music and handmade arts in New York, Chicago, Virginia and Washington D.C.; her most recent offerings have been community DIY workshops at Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn's Myrtle Avenue BID, and Weeksville Heritage Center. ArinMaya hopes to continue teaching and spreading a love for creativity in all things to people worldwide. For more information, visit and

ArinMaya // Community

Arin Maya Lawrence is a singer/songwriter, vocal soundscapist and sound practitioner who has shared her voice and music throughout the United States and Europe. She believes there is a vast transformational power in music, and seeks to create opportunities to bring out and share this power through circlesinging in non-traditional spaces

Arin is actively engaged in vocal improvisation practice and sound healing arts, and has trained with such teachers as Bobby McFerrin, Rhiannon and Voicestra, Kate Geller and the New York Open Center’s Sound and Music Institute. She creates and facilitates community-based circle-singing workshops, and often works with Stephanie Rooker's Voice Journey Sound Center as a circlesongs workshop facilitator. Her aim is to spread love for self and others by encouraging group synergy and clearer communication through sound and song.

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