“a unique voice…an ancient sound”

—Grammy-nominated jazz singer Gregory Porter




Genre: World Music, Jazz, Acapella, Vocal Music

Hometown: Chicago, IL; currently based in Brooklyn, NY

Influences: Ella Fitzgerald, Bobby McFerrin, Rachelle Farell, Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder

Contemporaries: Nina Simone, Madison McFerrin, Ndea Davenport, Goapele, India Arie, Norah Jones, Grenique, Laurnea, Muhsinah, Amada Elliot, Sherma Rose, April Renee

ArinMaya is a vocalist, songwriter and arranger who sings from a place of intentional love and betterment aspiring to blur the distinction between music and art.


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Arin Maya is a vocalist, songwriter and arranger whose warm tones and strong voice is harmonically rich. Her vocal control and improvisational abilities carry a distinctive healing sound, that when put into a musical space, defies categorization. Her performances are well received including audience participation with a combination of singing and movement. She sings from a place of intentional love and betterment, and aspires to blur the distinction between music and art. 

Grammy-nominated jazz singer Gregory Porter describes her as having “a unique voice…an ancient sound” so it’s no surprise that to some audiences she evokes Nina Simone-esque vibes. In 2010, after catching the attention of Grammy-winning singer Maya Azucena, Arin Maya shared the stage with her as her go-to background vocalist until 2016. In 2011 and 2012 she had the life-changing opportunity to study Circlesinging with Bobby McFerrin and Voicestra; the experience deeply inspired her live performances and overall approach to writing. Since then, she curated a broad and diverse body of work for herself performing and recording with like-minded talent across the genres of hip-hop, jazz and world music.

Arin Maya's professional musical career began as a result of her long-lasting love affair with poetry and music which was expedited when she answered the universe's call to explore a fully artistic life in Paris. Upon return, she began writing and performing with Nick Cassarino (Nth Power, Big Daddy Kane) and working with various experimental and electro-soul producers. From these collaborations, she recorded and produced several projects including her debut EP The Sound of Arin Maya (2010), her first hit cover of Diana Ross’ Love Hangover (2010), and her first full length project Let the Love Come (2011). Solo and collaborative success followed as she went on to play at venues small and large, including Rockwood Music Hall, Harlem Stage, SOB's Sol Village, Core Club, Sofar Sounds and The Kennedy Center in Washington DC. 

Today, Arin Maya is a featured arranger and vocalist with the Resistance Revival Chorus whose mission aligns perfectly with her own: to revive joy as an act of resistance. Arin Maya has taken the stage at Carnegie Hall or Joe's Pub alongside musical greats like Carly Simon and Phillip Glass, and presently also co-headlines The Experi3nce, an artist-collective turned musical supergroup, with whom she plays exciting venues including New York's famed Blue Note Jazz Club, the Highline Ballroom, SOHO House and National Sawdust. In 2018, Arin Maya is releasing her new solo project, the first single ‘Thank You’ to be released in the Spring.

Currently, Arin Maya is based in Brooklyn, New York. She was raised on Chicago’s south side where she began her journey of musical appreciation through dance. West African polyrhythm and syncopation were her teachers every Saturday morning from the age of 2. Three years later, she began what would become a 13-year immersion in Chicago’s diverse choral scene where she fine-tuned her ear and voice to unique harmonies, and learned the importance of listening. Her parents’ diverse record collection did not hurt her sonic development either—at an early age, she was exposed to the genius of Sweet Honey in the Rock, Stevie Wonder, Crosby Stills and Nash, and her favorite sound-maker of all, Bobby McFerrin. Music which she felt had easy but powerful messaging that gave the gift of life, joy and happiness and motivates her song writing and vocal expression. Using her singing as an instrument in tune with human understanding, Arin Maya wants to encourage listeners to be introspective and inspire their world views. 

"Compassion is important. Mainly, with music, people feel like they are being seen. I want people to be with themselves, learn themselves, love themselves, heal themselves, forgive themselves and then go out in the world and do the same thing."



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Original Song: "I Want to be Beautiful"  | Show: Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition | Network: Lifetime | Scene: Queen of the Nile Solo - McKaylee


ArinMaya has a beautiful and uniquely identifiable voice. An honest vulnerability, combined with a little bluesy rasp, drew me in at first listen. Added to the colorful melodies and lyrics of inspiration in her songs, it’s easy to become an instant and everlasting fan. Her song Lemon Drops caught my attention and has kept it from the first time I heard it.
— Maya Azucena (Grammy winning artist and humanitarian)
I really admire ArinMaya’s style - she’s original in her creative approach, 100% authentic and she’s got soul. Plus she’s great to work with - I asked for an arrangement Sunday night, and by Monday afternoon she delivered (and taught!) a beautiful 6-piece vocal arrangement for the Chorus.
— Ginny Suss (Founder of OkayPlayer/OkayAfrica + Co-Founder of Women's March and Resistance Revival Chorus)
ArinMaya is the kind of artist who is not afraid to push the boundaries of sound and music. With her voice she uses innovative and unique vocal textures to express and deliver her story to the world.
— John Robinson (Producer & Emcee)
ArinMaya is a rare mix of artistry, poetry, music, and storytelling that envelops the listener in good and cozy feelings. In real life she’s great people and whether people know her or not, this vibe comes across in her live performance and her recordings. Always enjoyable!
— Tutty Amin (Composer, co-creator Soundtrack '63, Saxophonist for Blitz the Ambassador + Wu Tang Clan)
The thing I love about ArinMaya is the way she writes memorable melodies and conversational lyrics. It feels like the girl next door is singing to you, consoling you through whatever you’re going through.
— Edson Sean (Musical Director, Producer, multi-instrumentalist)